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Changes between Initial Version and Version 1 of CamelCase

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  • CamelCase

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     1= !CamelCase = 
     2New words created by smashing together capitalized words. 
     4CamelCase is the original wiki convention for creating hyperlinks, with the additional requirement that the capitals are followed by a lower-case letter; hence “AlabamA” and “ABc” will not be links. 
     6== Customizing the Wiki behavior == 
     8Some people dislike linking by CamelCase.  While Trac remains faithful to the original Wiki style, it provides a number of ways to accomodate users with different preferences: 
     9 * There's an option (`ignore_missing_pages` in the [wiki:TracIni#wiki-section "[wiki]"] section of TracIni) to simply ignore links to missing pages when the link is written using the CamelCase style, instead of that word being replaced by a gray link followed by a question mark.[[BR]] 
     10   That can be useful when CamelCase style is used to name code artifacts like class names and there's no corresponding page for them. 
     11 * There's an option (`split_page_names` in the  [wiki:TracIni#wiki-section "[wiki]"] section of TracIni) to automatically insert space characters between the words of a CamelCase link when rendering the link. 
     12 * Creation of explicit Wiki links is also easy, see WikiPageNames for details. 
     13 * In addition, Wiki formatting can be disabled completely in some places (e.g. when rendering commit log messages). See `wiki_format_messages` in the [wiki:TracIni#changeset-section "[changeset]"] section of TracIni. 
     15See TracIni for more information on the available options. 
     17== More information on !CamelCase == 
     19 * 
     20 * 
     23See also: WikiPageNames, WikiNewPage, WikiFormatting, TracWiki