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PostGIS ajoute le support d'objets géographique à la base de données PostgreSQL. En effet, PostGIS "spatialise" le serverur PostgreSQL, ce qui permet de l'utiliser comme une base de données SIG.

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    9494After doing this, we will just have to create a new rule managed by the SCGI handler to access Trac. It can be created in a new virtual server, for instance, and will only need two rules. The '''default''' one will use the SCGI handler associated to the previously created information source. 
    9595The second rule will be there to serve the few static files needed to correctly display the Trac interface. Create it as ''Directory rule'' for ''/chrome/common'' and just set it to the ''Static files'' handler and with a ''Document root'' that points to the appropriate files: ''/usr/share/trac/htdocs/'' 
     98If the tracd process fails to start up, and cherokee displays a 503 error page, you might be missing the [ python-flup] package.\\ 
     99Python-flup is a dependency which provides trac with SCGI capability. You can install it on debian based systems with: 
     101sudo apt-get install python-flup 
    97104== Simple Lighttpd Configuration ==