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PostGIS ajoute le support d'objets géographique à la base de données PostgreSQL. En effet, PostGIS "spatialise" le serverur PostgreSQL, ce qui permet de l'utiliser comme une base de données SIG.

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    7474''Note: using mod_wsgi 2.5 and Python 2.6.1 gave an Internal Server Error on my system (Apache 2.2.11 and Trac Upgrading to Python 2.6.2 (as suggested [ here]) solved this for me[[BR]]-- Graham Shanks'' 
     76== Apache Basic Authentication for Trac thru mod_wsgi == 
     78Per the mod_wsgi documentation linked to above, here is an example Apache configuration that a) serves the trac from a virtualhost subdomain and b) uses Apache basic authentication for Trac authentication. 
     81If you want your trac to be served from e.g. !, then from the folder e.g. {{{/home/trac-for-my-proj}}}, if you used the command {{{trac-admin the-env initenv}}} to create a folder {{{the-env}}}, and you used {{{trac-admin the-env deploy the-deploy}}} to create a folder {{{the-deploy}}}, then: 
     83create the htpasswd file: 
     85cd /home/trac-for-my-proj/the-env 
     86htpasswd -c htpasswd firstuser 
     87### and add more users to it as needed: 
     88htpasswd htpasswd seconduser 
     90(for security keep the file above your document root) 
     92create this file e.g. (ubuntu) {{{/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/}}} with these contents: 
     95<Directory /home/trac-for-my-proj/the-deploy/cgi-bin/trac.wsgi> 
     96  WSGIApplicationGroup %{GLOBAL} 
     97  Order deny,allow 
     98  Allow from all 
     101<VirtualHost *:80> 
     102  ServerName 
     103  DocumentRoot /home/trac-for-my-proj/the-env/htdocs/ 
     104  WSGIScriptAlias / /home/trac-for-my-proj/the-deploy/cgi-bin/trac.wsgi 
     105  <Location '/'> 
     106    AuthType Basic 
     107    AuthName "Trac" 
     108    AuthUserFile /home/trac-for-my-proj/the-env/htpasswd 
     109    Require valid-user 
     110  </Location> 
     116(for subdomains to work you would probably also need to alter /etc/hosts and add A-Records to your host's DNS.) 
    76118== Trac with PostgreSQL ==